7            DIFFUSER ASSEMBLY  
The scent and its context

The scent diffusor is a physical exercise to explore the relationship between origin, material and space.

It was developed to be shipped flat packed to reach people worldwide to escape into the world of Palma. The diffusor was designed by studio davidpompa and combines with the scent developed by the designer Philipp Kolmann using dried Palma and other materials native to the desert.

Craftswomen in Mexico carry Palma strips under their arms to weave while they are walking, this inspired a horizontal scent diffusor that brings the origin of Palma into people’s homes.

This object was produced in an edition of 400 pieces that are shipped as an invitation to the “Palma the woven craft Exhibition” by Studio davidpompa that takes place from 1. - 30. October in Mexico City.

Assembly instructions


Take out the screw.


Insert Part A (diffusser base) into Part B (difusser body) and screw from them together from the bottom. Please note: Keep the base foot fasing forwards.


Spray the Palma stripes with the fragance. Spray the palma before you insert it into the metal frame. Be carefull not to do it on a clean background since the palma scent may leave green stains.


Insert the palma stripes carefully into Part B cavities. First through the frontal part and then into the lower vertical tube.


Finished difusser. Enjoy the scent and escape into the Palma world.


Reinvent your difusser with your own interpretation, exchange the palma for a flower, a textile or any other special object for you. Feel free to share a picture of your diffuser in context, we would love to see it!

Experiences involve subtle yet strong unconscious perceptions, one of the most important ones is scent, it surrounds you without a heavy notion and response.

The process of weaving the Palma in caves is undetachable from its surroundings, the ground, its essence, the smell of earth, rain, nature and even isolation.

Green Palma itself expels a sweet odor which later translates into several different notes.

An abstract yet tangible color that carries and transports us to a landscape where history is being woven. 

When cutted for the first time Palma has a sweet odor, once dried it resembles a dessert smell, both stages are interwoven in the scent.

The diffusor represents the most iconic position a woman has in order to carry the Palma, under her armpit. During humid days, women weave while continuing their daily routines, walking, taking care of the cattle etc. This horizontal positioning of the Palma is represented in this diffuser, a contemporary abstraction that works both as an unconscious scent reminder and an aesthetic object.