Palma the woven craft exhibition a sensorial experience

The exhibition in Mexico City in October 2021 centers on the craft and origins of “Palma” as an experimental work. Palma, the name of our new light Product, and the Spanish word for the palm plant.

The new light collection created the starting point for the exhibition and gives the stage to explore this magnificent craft, transcending the distinctions between objects and their material origin. A sensory involving space enhanced by sent, a pause in time for a materials nature.

Objects in the exhibition draw inspiration from Palma weaving in its different stages showcasing the several aspects within a technique, creating a spatial and poetic intervention. Variations in texture and format develop a new way of seeing the material.

A multidisciplinary approach highlights the diversity and depth of the material and it´s weaving technique creating space of experience that gives homage to the work of the best craftswoman in Mexico.

Texture defined by technique
usage, feeling, abstract
conform & experience
expanded narration
objects and placement,
Encounter of tradition,
visual language,
experience and pause.
Involving senses,
taste, smell, tactility,
kinesthetic experiences.


At Studio davidpompa showroom

Colima 264, Col. Roma Norte 06700, CDMX, México


1-30 October

Opening hours / Everyday:

Monday - Sunday
10:00 - 18:00
No reservation needed